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TF2016 Day 3 - Rhiannon Armstrong

Day 3 - Street Intervention: Croydon.

Free Performance.

Rhiannon Armstrong - Public Selfcare System

Public Selfcare System is a one-to-one performance, a tandem jump into the unknown, direct action, and a masterclass in self-care and the radical act of stopping.

As the government dismantles our public health and welfare systems, the future of “no money, no care" looks like chronic illness for all those not at the very top of the pile (and trust me, you are not at the top of the pile). Without access to public healthcare, what remains are shared public acts of self-care.

I am an expert in resting in public thanks to a neurological condition that forces me to lie down wherever I happen to be, and stay there until I am well enough to get up again. In order to carry on living we may all have to learn to stop in the middle of the street, in the middle of the day, and rest. Get ahead of the curve, get your training in now.

"Come with me to a place you may have seen, walked past, but never been to. We are going to lie down and have a rest: I will look out for you and look after you. You have right to be here, you have a right to do this. We can do it together."

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Performance Information: 
1. Please come to the Descartes Gallery in Matthews Yard, Croydon 30 mins prior to your start time for instructions on where the performance will take place.  
2. This performance will take place in all weathers and you must be prepared to lay down in a public space with the artist.  
3. Please dress appropriately.  
4. These tickets are free, if you plan to cancel (we really hope you won't) but you must give 48 hours notice.