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Tempting Failure 2018 brings an eclectic selection of performance art and noise art from some of the most exciting artists around the world.

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TF2016 Day 4

  • D:NA 148 Mayall Road London, SE24 0PH United Kingdom (map)

Day 4.

Alanna Lynch - Concealed and Contained

With this ongoing project, since 2009, I have been collecting my hair as it falls from my head and spinning it into a yarn. During the performance I continue the process of crocheting from the top of my head down over my body. Eventually I plan to completely cover myself. The very qualities of my natural kinky hair that make it unruly and coarse are those that facilitate the manipulation of the material. I work with these qualities and the affective state of my hair: the way it can be perceived as beastly, as something not-human, something to be feared, to challenge constructed aesthetic notions and values.

Sebastian Hau Walker - Ausculta (Vision Serpents)

Creates a performance installation of warm noise and rough memories, live-feed projection and VHS tapes; fetal dopplers and Mayan bloodletting rituals. (Re)mediated bodies, continuously growing, regressing, demonstrate the twinned physical process of (my) human and taped memory; invoked when re-played, re-presented, cyclical and serpentine, within the performance itself - a post(?)modern ritual. Photo Credit: Greg Veit at Steakhouse Live for Home For Waifs And Strays artist development programme 'Homegrown', supported by Jerwood Charitable Trust and Arts Council England. 


If the present position is clear, the future direction is unclear. If the future direction is clear, the present position is unclear.

"Werner Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is a fundamental, inescapable property of the world" - Steven Hawking.

This performance/sound piece explores a paradoxical conversation. Removing art from art, science from science and bringing the two together to form a conversation in which one informs the other and vice versa. Mentored by Ernst Fischer.

Phillip Bedwell - Echoes

A simple breath can lead to a transformation. A union of mind and body and a knowledge for that everything we can strive towards that we have to leave our old selves behind. Through a everyday setting, my body and base materials I seek to explore this twinning of both memorial and celebration. I invite you to witness this exploration.

James Sherman - IN/OUT

A sound/noise action with vocal/body elements in an attempt to explore the relationship between polarities and the nature of dichotomy. Sound, silence and noise will converge around, and within, the body to form a unified dialectic investigation.

Mentored by Clive Henry.

Venue Information: Regretfully due to the period features of this domestic venue, it is not wheelchair accessible.  All performances are strictly limited capacity.

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