TF18 Programme

Tempting Failure 2018 brings an eclectic selection of performance art and noise art from some of the most exciting artists around the world.

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TF2016 Day 5 - Evening

  • Hackney Showroom Hackney Downs Studios, Amhurst Terrace London E8 2BT UK (map)

Day 5 - Evening.

FK Alexander - NOT(I)

Samuel Beckett's Not I, written out in blood over 2.5 hours, set in rubble and drone.  

 A meditation on futility, female madness, isolation and life force. 

…..speechless infant no love such as normally vented not suffering imagine not suffering for no particular reason for its own sake the tongue is in the mouth no speech possible so what one is saying the whole beinghanging on its words no idea what she's saying and cant stop no stopping it could not make a sound something begging in the brain guilty or not speak up woman stand up woman……

Natalie Ramus - 16000:1 OPENING

A fascination with the materiality of the body has led Natalie to question its edges and boundaries. This performance will mark the beginning of a long term project in which Natalie will make use of a stack of paper which equates to her body’s height. This stack will be used to explore and document the body through action- the traces of which will be captured and documented creating an archive of time, memory and body. The primary performance will be an action based meditation exploring the notion of ‘opening’ in relation to body and performance. The stack will be revisited on Thursday 28th where Natalie’s children’s teeth will enter the space. Her children’s teeth came into existence inside her body and left inside the bodies of her children. As her children lost their teeth they came back into Natalie's possession; with those teeth as material, a meditation through action will consider where the mother’s body ends. Overall this project will consider performance itself and ask the question, when does performance begin / end? Part two can be seen on Thursday 28th July.

*This performance replaces Ruthless Jabiru, who due to circumstances beyond our control will sadly no longer be able to perform. 

Francesca Steele - Tease

Tease brings together elements of fetish exchange and intimate familial discourse. It speaks of tangible broken conversations.  The piece ‘stands in’, as embodiment of empirical but disjointed knowing. The actions mirror lost or imagined dialogues.  Our interaction will be abbreviated and unsatisfactory; the piece will hang like an unobtainable climax or float as an misconfigured question.

GRIMALKIN555 - DSM III - No Demoniacs!

“She is forced to scream. She screams abuse. The minute she screams she hates herself for the sound she makes. She sounds just like the person he wants her to sound like. She is a stranger to her own discursive or expressive sounds. Her sounds either have no meaning or they are the sounds he says “hysterics” make. She hates her own voice.” - Adele Olivia Gladwell, Catamania - the Dissonance of Female Pleasure and Dissent.

Since 1980 the concept of hysteria as a medical condition has been obliterated by the contemporary mental health industry, and dismissed as a historical diagnosis conferred upon sexually frustrated females. Yet, hysteria is a powerful emotional state. Gendered madness and the heavily symbolic sound of the female scream tap into primal emotions and socially constructed responses, as well as providing personal catharsis for the individual experiencing a hysterical episode. Down with DSMIII! Long live the Demoniacs! 

GRIMALKIN555 is the performance persona of Sarah Glass

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