TF18 Programme

Tempting Failure 2018 brings an eclectic selection of performance art and noise art from some of the most exciting artists around the world.

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TF2016 - Day 6 - Evening

  • Hackney Showroom Hackney Downs Studios, Amhurst Terrace London E8 2BT UK (map)

Day 6 - Evening.

Helena Goldwater - embed

This 4-hour performance explores the task of transforming a vast space with small actions. By covering, enclosing and ordering, these actions hope to nourish the ground. Nourishing the ground is a labour of love. Small actions take time to fill the space. They are hard work. It takes the whole body. Goldwater is bedding down, in the hope of finding a place, to rest one’s head awhile, or to journey toward.

Helena Goldwater’s performance works can equally be seen as installations. She shifts bodily materials and territory over time, transforming the everyday or repetitive tasks into extraordinary acts and environments to dwell upon. She creates miniature spectacles, which are concerned with re-positioning, revealing and re-forming the spaces we inhabit. Supported by:

Nathaniel Wyrick - Not an Egg in the Hayloft

Nathaniel Wyrick utilises the use of objects to locate a history or placeness. Through this use of objects, he explores the connections between fragments of memory and image. Much of his sculptural and performative work is a process of the creation or re-creation of this fragmented imagery; he thinks about colour palettes, smells, sounds, and the seemingly choreographed task of a live action. All of this working together to trigger or create connections between the artist’s own personal history and that of the viewer.Nathaniel will place slip casted porcelain eggs into small jars one at a time. Eventually dissolving, cracking, and breaking, they will release their insides. Concurrently, he will be weaving a basket from start to finish. Once finished, the jars will be emptied by hand into the basket and the liquid will be consumed by the artist. Through these actions, the artist hopes to think and investigate ideas of birth, abortion, and gender roles through this year's provocation "In-Utero".

Selina Bonelli - honey-glassed

honey-glassed explores themes of violence, desire and loss. Actions and materials act as carriers for haunted memories and paralysed wakefulness. The inability to verbalise sensations, the silence that ensues, the attempt to express and hold shame, the guilt feeding off self blame and the body's enduring loyalty to scarification, all play out into a mix of sharp edges and failed dreams.

Esther Neff - The Scraping Shape of the Socially Cyclomythic Womb

The Scraping Shape of the Socially Cyclomythic Womb assembles unsubstantiated perceptions, reclaiming parallels between menstrual cycles and abilities to communicate, transfer, and share sensual, mental, and somatic phenomena in order to dissemble essentialist and pathologizing notions of womanhood and madness.

Link+Pin & Rats 9 Gallery Nominee.  Photo Credit: Clarinda Mac Low.

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