TF18 Programme

Tempting Failure 2018 brings an eclectic selection of performance art and noise art from some of the most exciting artists around the world.

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TF2016 Day 7 - Evening

  • Hackney Showroom Hackney Downs Studios, Amhurst Terrace, London E8 2BT UK (map)

Day 7 - Evening.

Kamil Guenatri - 10-14

My practice focuses mainly on sickness, in relation with my physical disability. I develop, in the frame of writing and visual arts, conceptual, philosophical and poetic forms. Through performance, I confront my almost inactive and dependent body (as a body without organs) with an action based media. With the help of my day carers, who are also my artistic assistants, best witnesses of my daily life, this paradox becomes an excuse to evoke the thin border between : impossibility and hope, immobility and movement, constraint and freedom. In this way the idea of "impossibility" is exceeded by an affirmation of different with personal rituals.

Vela Oma - Primal Void

Primal Void is an attempt to extract the Void at the centre, or the source, of phenomenal existence from a large stone and replace it with my blood and sperm. Failure is an option.

Johannes Bergmark - Stringed Stirrups

The Stringed Stirrups is literally walking on a vertical tightrope. I am playing two piano strings that are suspended from the ceiling, with me hanging in the lower end. The strings go through loops on a resonator that is tied around my chest. I give tension to the strings with my weight between the feet that stand in stirrups attached in the lower end of the strings. It is played with two bows and specially made wooden beaters. Sometimes the longitudinal vibrations of the strings are excited. It is amplified with a contact microphone.

Johannes Bergmark - I have been in you, you have been in me

Through a swallowed contact mike (covered in silicon glue), the audience hears my stomach devour drinks and snacks as well as my heart beat. 

Johanna Bramli - The Larsens // Noise/Feedback Choir

The Larsens (French for the tone created by sonic feedback) is an all female noise / feedback choir. The group of 7 experimental vocalists are using their voices through amps, synths, effects and other gadgets to create a disembodied choir. Going from 'soft' or 'pure' unamplified voices to full, dominating and effected noise, they explore how one is to be perceived by the tone of their voices and what impact this plays.

Marina Barsy Janer & Isil Sol Vil - Descarnar fronteras

Their artistic practice takes the corporeal mimesis to the eXtreme, in a specific space and in a given environment, exploring alternative sensitivities that challenge the historical chronologies imposed while suppressing the male/female dichotomy. Their point of union, as vanishing point, is a constant pulsation where the plural presence of the body, the border destruction, and the decolonisation of the mind-body is an act of rebellion and subversion.

De-borderise the imposition of the ā€˜Iā€™. The activation of disOrder. To connect with the OtherOneSelf by peeling-off the ego. De-serialize, deface, to crack the mirror of the soul. To become the shattering of Otherness and to resist the suffocation of the matter of Capital. and

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