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Tempting Failure 2018 brings an eclectic selection of performance art and noise art from some of the most exciting artists around the world.

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TF2016 Days 7-8 - Rosana Cade

  • Hackney Showroom Hackney Downs Studios, Amhurst Terrace London E8 2BT UK (map)

Days 7-8 (24 HOUR DURATIONAL). 

Rosana Cade - The Origin of the World, in collaboration with Will Dickie

created in His own image from the golden egg she ate the apple that sinful maiden and nothing went before this there is no beginning no end and He was the creator and all life stems from His body His body opened up and we were born the purpose of the universe unfolds in linear direction and in the illusions of time we begin where we started as God opens His eyes and closes them again time space BANG space time again them closes and eyes His opens God as started we where begin we time of illusions the in and direction linear in unfolds universe the of purpose the born were we and up opened body His body His from stems life all and creator the was He and end no beginning no is there this before went nothing and maiden sinful that apple the ate she egg golden the from image own His in created.

The Origin of the World is a 24 hour performance experiment involving labia lip syncing to male voices explaining the beginning of life and time. Through repetition, cyclical rituals and giant images of a talking vulva the performance is a queering of the idea of origin and linearity, and an undermining of patriarchal creation narratives. The painting in the image is L'Origine du monde by Gustave Courbet

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To view this performance you will need to either hold a day 8 ticket or a festival pass.