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* SOLD OUT * TF2016 Day 9 - Emma Lloyd

  • D:NA 148 Mayall Road, Brixton London, SE24 0PH United Kingdom (map)

Day 9 - D:NA

Emma Lloyd - Piece for…

- You are the dedicatee and the sole audience member of this piece.

It is the only time you or anyone else will hear it. -

"This piece is about non-verbal communication. You can communicate with me in any way you wish, be it musical, colourful, gestural…but no words can be spoken or written. My response will be a musical improvisation.  This piece is about ephemeral experiences. "

Each exchange will be different and unrepeatable. No recording is permitted, only memory.

This piece is about intimacy and implicit trust.

"There will be no spectators, only you and I. Whether you have been my friend for years, or whether this is our first encounter we will for a short time have a relationship uninfluenced by others, unaffected by language barriers, and built on mutual trust."

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Venue Information: Regretfully due to the period features of this domestic venue, it is not wheelchair accessible.  All performances are strictly limited capacity.