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Tempting Failure 2018 brings an eclectic selection of performance art and noise art from some of the most exciting artists around the world.

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The Palimpsisters ft. Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy - Drowning not Waving


A dancer. A soundscapist. A professor of Food Policy. 

A cross channel swimmer’s feet encased in concrete – moving forward with difficulty – incessantly gesturing to the beats of an uplifting late 80’s, early 90’s Acid house soundtrack, interlaced with Professor Tim Lang’s continued discourse on the rise and fall of Britain’s food membership of the European Union over the past fifty years.

A pressing proclamation on Brexit’s effect on the food we consume and the free movement of people across borders. 

A generation of smiley faced ☺ optimists crushed within their lifetime. To the New millennials We can only apologise.

Sad face ☹

About The Palimsisters

The Palimpsisters are absurdists who make performances which do not fit neatly into oppressive artistic categories. Their work is deeply rooted in a philosophical ideology based on the writings of Derrida and his hauntological musings on our deepening obsession with the past, such as 'vintage' and 'nostalgia'. Their work has an innately humorous satirical edge honed from a lifetimes consumption of Britishness. Past exploits have dabbled with themes of bunting, the village fete, bingo the garden shed and the Queenie.

Always happily subverting the accepted norms, Drowning not Waving is their revamped slap to the farce of the entire Brexit pantomime.

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