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Tempting Failure 2018 brings an eclectic selection of performance art and noise art from some of the most exciting artists around the world.

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Katarina Rasic - Memory traces on the skin

  • Matthews Yard: Gallery 1 Matthews Yard Croydon, England, CR0 1FF United Kingdom (map)
Still from the performance The Inside Story (Processes. Emotions. Food), Encounters, ArtO2, Mumbai, India, November 2017 Photo Abigali D Souza.JPG

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” – Rumi

The performance examines the connection between a scar and memory. It offers an opening towards collective healing. Using the permanency of the tattoo and impermanency of scents combined in a ritualistic practice, Rasic will invite visitors to join her in creating tattoos on her skin in the form of continues line around her waist while sharing their stories and experiences. Using multiple scents, salt and water acting as conductors of energy, in a 7-hour long performance Rasic will ask participants of the performance to remember, relate and try to evoke their memories, experiences, scars through these mediums. This experience will be translated on to her skin in the form of the continuous line.
The marks we gain from life’s experiences transform us. memory is fleeting. what we are left with are scars - beautiful marks, each one unique, each memory irreplaceable. 

About Katarina Rasic

Katarina Rasic is a multidisciplinary artist from Belgrade, Serbia, currently living in Mumbai, India and looking forward to relocating to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Through changing her environment Rasic is challenging her art practice finding inspiration in the exploration of different cultures. Rasic completed her MA from University of Fine arts in Belgrade, Serbia and she is Member Association of Fine Artists of Serbia. 

Rasic is exploring ideas of cultural rejection and acceptance, in her visual and performance work. Her performances are raw investigations of her inner self, examinations of the ideas of memories, home, belonging and identity deeply rooted in our collective memories. 

Katarina’s works defy the notion of a separation between the artist and the work and exemplify the miraculous transformation of the artist, the viewer, and the work itself into a visceral experience of fear, anxiety, and release, all emotions entwined in the daily experience of our life.

Katarina exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions around the world, currently, she is collaborating with Mumbai based art organization Art Oxygen.

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