Tempting Failure Masterclasses

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Our series of intensive workshops with renown performance artists made exclusively available to all at subsidised rates return for 2018.

These practical and experimental sessions will be taking place in the excellent facilities of our higher education partner, Theatre Arts Department in Middlesex University, London.

Katherine Araniello
Friday 27th April

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Contagiously Inspirational

An immersive workshop led by artist Katherine Araniello – Participants are invited to join the pity fest and get an insight as to how Araniello misrepresents and messes things up. 

Anne Bean
Thursday 31st May

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A workshop exploring darkness, shadows, twilight zones, light and luminosity.

A groping toward a group consciousness and shared works where everyone senses their own being embedded in the outcomes.

Note: Parts of this workshop will take place in complete darkness.


Adam York Gregory and Gillian Jane Lees
Wednesday 13th June 

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We invite participants to join us in creating a two-hour long experimental durational film that explores time, entropy, cause and effect.

The masterclass will consist of a morning spent addressing the concepts and challenges to performance through conversation and exercises, followed by an afternoon of performance.

Kira O'Reilly
Thursday 14 June

 Image by Jamie McLeod, 2012

Image by Jamie McLeod, 2012

Taking TF18’s thematic of Fractured Bodies as a starting point, we are going to explore the idea of fracture – the break, cracking and disassembling of something fundamental, essential, structural and basic.

We will work with and into our bones, metaphorically and physically, as we search out disruptions breakages; we will consider the new assemblages these disruptions afford, the chaos and vitality of unruly rearrangements and unanticipated refigurations of bodies.


Mehmet Sander
Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th July


A free workshop exclusively for NHS staff, nurses  and mental health support workers.

Through a series of exercises led by action-architect Mehmet Sander, participants will learn new choreographies and collaborate on the creation of a new piece which will be performed at Tempting Failure 2018.