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Meet the team behind TF18 and find out their picks for the festival.


Hellen Burrough

Role: Producer

What does TF mean to you? Strobe light, smoke, blood and noise. The kind of work I make and the kind of work I love to see. It’s also gradually been taking over my life for the past 6 years, like a cult I’ve been drawn deeper into.

Favourite thing about Croydon? All the concrete and empty buildings. It’s a Ballardian, brutalist paradise.

Your pick from the programme: It’s cruel to ask me to pick just one! I can honestly say there's not a single piece on the programme that I'm not excited to see.


Thomas John Bacon

Role: Artistic Director

What does TF mean to you? A uncompromising place for performance art to take place without restraint and for the endless limits of sound to be explored. There is no other festival like TF in the UK!  Akin to black holes colliding, the live artworks you experience will change your life and may never be repeated again!

Favourite thing about Croydon? It's my hometown and currently the hottest place in London to experience some awesome art initiatives. We have some amazing vegan food and Croydon is so much cheaper than east London! 

Your pick from the programme: The whole damn festival!  I always attempt to see every single performance. Artists may work for years to get the moment to share their work, I cherish those experiences, each is a gift!


Anjali Prashar-Savoie

Role: Assistant Producer

What does TF mean to you? A special place for experimentation, community and outreach.

Favourite thing about Croydon?Matthews Yard - an inspirational example of placemaking.

Your pick from the programme: Kajoli Llojak - Matriarchal Tarantula and Manson X - Shattered Urban Soundscape.


Rob Hesp

Role: TF Amplifier

What does TF mean to you? Risk-taking flesh bone saliva cum in a tree. Drill shattering. Interior movement making.

Favourite thing about Croydon? The brutalist architecture.

Your pick from the programme: Dale Cornish in the Croydon Council Chamber, Sat 14th and 15th July.


Lorenza Peragine

Role: Production Manager

What does TF mean to you? It's a great performance festival and I am really happy to be part of it this year.

Favourite thing about Croydon?  You can tell it was a town once. I can see so much happening every day around the streets and it feels a less socially 'controlled' area than many others of London.

Your pick from the programme: I am really curious to see Penelope Koliopoulou's Do You Hit Girls? It is focused on a very simple idea - exploring the subtle boundaries of consent in physical contact - and strips it down to a very bare and minimal set up.


Steve Hendrie

Role: Senior Production Associate 

What does TF mean to you? To me TF is all about exploration. Its about both artists and audiences pushing boundaries and doing so without fear. 

Favourite thing about Croydon? It's a microcosm of London society. Diverse and fast moving but it still retains its identity and the friendly locals make you forget you're just half and hour from the capital.  

My pick from the programme: I'm going to go with two returning artists this year, firstly, Instant Dissidence With Young Roots - Croydon Is Dancing. Rita Marcalo has an infectious enthusiasm for her works and the personal stories that accompany the pieces give a unique perspective on debates of migration.  

Adam York Gregory & Gillian Jane Lees - Strike, The fascinating, almost hypnotic patience of this duo is equal parts relaxing and tense to watch.  


Bethany Barrington-Davis

Role: Deputy Stage Manager

What does TF mean to you? It’s unique and challenging. I’m experiencing different forms of art and different ideas every day and it’s really exciting. It challenges your expectations.

Favourite Thing About Croydon? The Crushed Bean Cafe! (They do avocado on gluten free toast!!!) 

Your Pick From The Programme: Yoga in Black

Ally Southern

Role:: Technical Stage Manager 

What does TF mean to you? It means a lot to be working on a festival that welcomes such a different range of performers from all different types of backgrounds. Everyone has there own unique experiences that goes into their piece and it’s great to see something different every day. 

Favourite thing about Croydon? So far in Croydon everyone I’ve met has been super welcoming and kind. Croydon doesn’t feel like any other community in London. It feels like it’s own unique city! 

Your pick from the programme: I am looking forward to seeing SKIN/TONES


Ben Webb-Taylor

Role: Live Sound Engineer

What does TF mean to you? A way for artists to express themselves without the constrictions typically applied by mainstream festivals.

Favourite thing about Croydon? The markets.

Your pick from the programme: Manson X



Helena Sands

Role: Mentoring Programme Lead

What does TF mean to you? Inspirational, challenging and beautiful artworks

Favourite thing about Croydon? I've not been many times but Matthews Yard is awesome and the fruit and veg markets were amazing - a really lively and eclectic atmosphere

Your pick from the programme: Looking forward to seeing the culmination of the mentees hard work and the work of Natalie Ramus' Following IN//Footsteps OF as i think it will echo some of my current research concerns.


Sebastian H-W

Role: Production Associate - Artist Liaison

What does TF mean to you? As performance festivals further diversify forms to placate wider audiences, TF boldly declares what it says on the tin: Noisy, messy, unapologetic Performance Art. Be prepared to be rocked to your core.

Favourite thing about Croydon? All of it. The hectic mix of all the best parts a city can offer - the independence, the shopping centres, the quiet streets, and the peng grafitti.

Your pick from the programme: Selina Bonelli - The Point Of It (Guts And Glory)

I've been following Bonelli's work for a long time and a huge fan. Having seen her breathtaking work at TF in 2016 you can only expect the unexpected - always as uncompromising, visceral and entrancing as performance art gets; don't miss it.


Max Silver 

Role: Production Associate

What does TF mean to you? TF to me is a fantastic opportunity I have recently discovered for artists to present boundary pushing art in an accepting, supportive and precisely focused environment. It is amazing to see so much art being fostered and given a platform where it otherwise may have been toned back or rejected from others.

Favourite thing about Croydon? Tempting Failure obviously! I have never been to Croydon so looking forwards to finding out all my favourite things.

Your pick from the programme: Peter Eason Daniels - Cover Songs: The Sound of A Record Sleeve. 

This is such an interesting explanation of the idea of a cover that I am excited to experience!

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Rosie Eckmire

Role: Production Associate

Ariane Denore

Role: Production Associate